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Welcome on “the” giveaway authority platform! Spotify Premium is the free gift on this site. We provide you with the possibility to get Spotify Premium for free. SpotIt4Free provides a free gift card code for everyone. You can choose between different amount: $10, $20 and $50. These gift cards can be redeemed in your Spotify account. After you redeemed your code and upgrade your credit, you can enjoy Spotify Premium for Several months.


How to get free Spotify Premium

How to get Spotify Premium for free? It is not very hard to get a premium account for free. SpotIt4free made a cooperation with great brands, who are willing to pay for your premium products if you do them a favor. They will pay for your opinion about their brand. Generate a unique gift card code, redeem it in your account and stream music for free. It takes just 5 minutes can you get your own free Spotify Premium account.

Follow the next steps to get Free Spotify Premium gift cards:

-          Click “Get Spotify”, or Click on one of the gift card images

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Choose your preferred gift card amount

Choose your gift card. There are three different amounts and they are all for free. Choose between a $10, $20 and $50 gift card. After you completed all the steps you will be provided with the gift code. You have to redeem this code on the Spotify site. Good luck & enjoy all the music in the world for free!

What is a Spotify gift card

A Spotify Gift Card makes it possible to get Spotify Premium without using a credit card. This gift card represent a value. On this platform there are three different values: $10, $20 and $50. With these values you can get up to 6 months Spotify for free! The Spotify gift cards are usually sold in stores, but our online gift card code is redeemable in the same way as hard copy gift cards. The biggest Spotify gift card that we can provide for free is $50 so you can enjoy at least 5 months of Spotify Premium for free.

What is a spotify gift card

How to redeem the free Spotify gift card codes

The online Spotify gift card codes will be generated in a downloadable format, so you don’t have to write the code down. After this code is generated, you have to redeem it in your Spotify account. The second way to redeem a Spotify gift card code is by using the official Spotify website. 

  • Go to the official website
  • Log in to your account
  • Redeem your code and enjoy the music

Good luck 


About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

About Spotit4Free

Spot it for free! That’s the motto of our company; is a project to promote Spotify gift cards and brands who’d like to be associated with you. Spotit4free has the ambition to give every visitor a unique Spotify gift card code, so they can enjoy listening to Spotify premium for free. Our visitors have only one goal and that’s to gain free Spotify gift card codes so they can use Spotify Premium without paying. This is the truly hard of Spotit4free and keeps this interest always in the center, because without our visitors, couldn’t we exist. The only way how we can provide free Spotify Premium gift card codes is to let someone else pay. We call them our partners.


Our Partner Pays Your Free Spotify Premium Gift Card!

The only reason we can provide as much free Spotify Premium gift cards is because of our partners. When you completed all the steps after you’ve generated the gift card code, then you’ll get the possibility to fill in a short information survey of our partners. After you’ve answered max 10 till 20 questions about their brand, will they release the last digits of the Spotify gift card? From this point, you can enjoy your own free Spotify Premium gift cards for free!


The Code Generator

The Spotify gift card code generator is an algorithm that creates unique codes. The Spotify code generator uses an algorithm which makes it possible to generate unique codes who are redeemable in your Spotify account. Once the gift card code has been generated in the second step will we secure the code and hide the last four digits. The Spotify gift card code will be released once you succeeded the last step. The code is directly redeemable once you have succeeded one of our partner's offers.

The code generator from our website is a 100% safe tool to use. The code generator creates an in-line connection with your unique session to be sure the codes can be generated in a safe way while the codes can’t be cracked before we sent those out. After you’ve succeeded the last step will we provide the code in a PDF format and downloadable from our website? Use our Spotify code generator and get free Spotify Premium.